It All Starts With The Seed

Siri Seeds India believes in right seed for right soil. Our wide contacts with national and International scientific fraternity has provided us a solid base to establish a viable Research and Development function across key focused Field Crops (Maize, Rice, and Pearl Millet) and Vegetable Crops (Tomato, Okra and Chilly). Our R&D unit has been recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India since 2011.

"High productivity, higher resistance and higher adaptability"

Our company has made significant advances in the last 15 years with a distinctive and well defined focus on introducing new hybrids with high productivity, higher resistance, higher adaptability to changing climatic conditions not only in Maize and Paddy but also in vegetables and forages.

Genetic Resources

Genetic Resources are the spinal cord of our R&D function and accessions are evaluated, characterized, and utilized in a very scientific way to develop a new genetic stock with required traits across the key focused crops.


Siri Seeds India has MOA to acquire the maize germplasm with International Maize Improvement Consortium (IMIC) of CIMYYT and for Pearl Millet with International Crop Research Institute for The Semi -Arid Crops (ICRISAT) and all set to develop similar collaborations with other International institutes in future. We have technical collaboration with CCSHAU-HISSAR and ICAR- Indian Institute of Rice Research, Hyderabad.

Breeding Objectives

Trait specific products are being developed across the key focused Field and Vegetable crops as per the defined breeding objective for different agro-ecological environments across Pan India. Siri Seeds India has special emphasis to develop the products for climate change through its objective breeding for climate change.

Pioneering Production : Research Paddy

Our well equipped seed quality testing laboratories and state-of-the-art research farms located across all over India, covers all agro climatic zones of the country. Our team of scientists pioneered in producing new varieties of research paddy with improved harvest. Our team of scientists and researchers worked tirelessly towards reducing lodging and increasing yeild. The result is a superior quality seed which is highly resilient towards lodging.

Improving harvest : Drought tolerant Maize varieties

Keeping in mind the rising temperatures, global warming and decrease in average annual rainfalls our team produced drought tolerant maize variants suitable for farming in dry lands. Our hybrid varieties can turn up high yield even in water scarce conditions. Flooding or water logging is also a major factor in reduced crop yields. Our team of scientists combatted this problem by developing hybrid corn varieties with low cob placement and strong roots.