For Farmers, by Farmers

Siri Seeds is a seeds R&D, production and distribution company, with an emphasis on farm and farmer sustainability in the face of changing climate and other environmental challenges

Vision : At Siri, our vision is to be recognized by farmers and business partners as one of the best companies in Agricultural Sector that worked for the betterment of farmers lives.
Mission : To realize our vision for Siri Seeds we promise to provide quality products to the farming community year after year at an affordable price.


Our Products

We have an impressive portfolio of over 60 products ranging from field crops, fodder and vegetables.




It All Starts With The Seed

Seeds are an integral part of agriculture, the stronger and pest resistant the seed, the prosperous the yield.

Siri Seeds India believes in right seed for right soil. Our wide contacts with national and International scientific fraternity has provided us a solid base to establish a viable Research and Development function across key focused Field Crops (Maize, Rice, and Pearl Millet) and Vegetable Crops (Tomato, Okra and Chilly).

Our R&D unit has been recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India since 2011.


  • Kandru Rambabu (Kakumanu)
  • Danti Swami Reddy (Vallabhapuram)
  • Sivram Reddy (Vallabhapuram)
  • Srinivas Rao( Vallabhapuram)

Siri Vikas

Improving Agriculture, Improving lives.

Siri Vikas is a special programme taken up by Siri Seeds with the aim of bringing the farming community together. Siri Vikas lets us design and develop collaborative research projects. Expertise of our R&D team and inclusion of growers in this process helps us in providing economical, practical and sustainable solutions to the farming community. Read More...

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